Heal Your Relationship at Lasting Marriages In Nanaimo, BC

Nothing happens by accident — And your visit to this website is no exception. Somewhere along the line you created the intention to help yourself and your partner heal your relationship. I am privileged to support you as you allow your intention to become reality.

My name is Maureen Adkin, and I have nearly twenty years of experience helping people grow and change. In my experience more people seek therapy for marital problems than any other type of problem. So finding the most effective form of marital therapy is essential.

The Gottman method for couple’s therapy is a scientifically-based Marital Therapy. The research for this method by Dr. John M. Gottman is supported by 40 years of observing
over 3000 couples at his “Love Lab” at the university of Washington State in Seattle WA. This method is focused on therapeutic interventions for distressed couples, which ensures that couples are provided with effective and reliable tools that really work to achieve results.

Session Snapshots…The first session is about assessment, where we talk about what brings you to therapy, the history of your relationship, and a bit about your personal histories. In the last 10 minutes of the session I will ask you to discuss a problem while I sit back and observe. You will be sent home with an envelope containing questionnaires to be completed and returned by the next session.

The second session This consists of two individual 45 minute sessions where I talk to each of you privately to get your unique perspective of the relationship and a bit more about you personally.

From the information compiled from the questionnaires and our talks we will discuss the treatment plan and goals for you in the third session and to see whether or not those goals fit for what you want to do and also to get your feedback.

Being in relationship can be tough, but the rewards are many. I work with couples to communicate better, to learn new ways to cope with conflict, to restore a positive outlook, and to remove barriers to loving more. I look forward to working with you as you begin this journey together.

Please take a few moments to browse through the website by searching Nanaimo Marriage Counselor and get the answers to any questions you may have. When you’re ready, feel free to give me a call at 250-751-5855 or request an appointment online. I look forward to meeting you very soon.